Sunset Coast Beach Houses offer many great Aussie beach houses with all the charm and character you would expect from a classic traditional Australian beach house, to make your next holiday an exciting and memorable experience.

We offer three levels of beach and river side accommodation.

  • The Beach House

Typically has modern or nice furnishings and decor, with spacious accommodation and modern or newer conveniences and facilities. The appearance of the house is generally attractive, clean, neat and tidy.

Price range – $220 to $350 per night

  • The Beach Cottage

Pleasant sense of decor, possibly eclectic or mixed era style, has adequate accommodation, not necessarily spacious, and a good level of convenience and facility. The general appearance of the property may be older and sometimes not fully maintained, but neat and tidy.

Price range – $180 – $250 per night

  • The Beach shack

An older or of less maintained appearance with no real sense of decor ranging from old or shabby to neat and comfortable. Typically modest or smaller living or accommodation levels with less or basic conveniences and facilities.

Price range – $120 – $200 per night