Guilderton is located an hour North of Perth at the mouth of Moore River. This picturesque area is a favourite for anglers, beach goers and families with a choice of ocean or river activities. Moore River provides safe swimming for children, while the ocean provides good fishing and waves for the more daring. Moore River has a diverse and sensitive eco system with abundant flora and fauna.

  • River activities include swimming, fishing, canoeing and boating
  • River environs offer nature trails, giant sand dunes and abundant flora and fauna
  • Beach side activities include fishing, swimming and waves, boating and sunbaking
  • Guilderton country club offers bowls, 9 hole golfcourse, tennis as well as a bar and dining facilities
  • Other favourites include kites, sand dune surfing, river cruises, 4WD trails.


120 kilometre North of Perth, Ledge Point boasts a commercial rock lobster centre with good fishing, beautiful  white beaches and great windsurfing. The Annual Windsurfing Classic kicks off from Ledge Point every January, taking advantage of the world-class windsurfing conditions. Also known as the shipwreck coast, it is popular with divers.

  • Safe clean white sandy beaches
  • Swimming, diving and windsurfing
  • Ledge Point country Club offers bowls, 9 hole golf course, tennis as well as a bar and dining facilities

Between Guilderton and Ledge Point is where the Dutch East Indies ship, the Vergulde Draeck, or Gilt Dragon, went down after striking reefs in 1646.  Some 70 mariners were marooned ashore, never to be rescued.  


Lancelin stretches along the edge of a natural bay which is protected from the Indian Ocean by outer reefs and islands. The protected waters of the bay are ideal for swimming, fishing, and boating. Water activities dominate the town’s leisure activities. The town is bordered by endless snow-white sand dunes, great for sand boarders, dune buggy drivers, motor bikers and four wheel drivers.

  • Ideal for surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing and other water sports
  • 14 shipwrecks along the coastline and many reefs for spectacular diving and snorkelling
  • Offroad sports including 4WD, motorbikes, dune buggies and huge sand dunes
  • White sandy beaches, safe for body-boarding, surfing and swimming, with plenty of hideaways for sunbathing.
  • Great fishing all along the coast


Located 10 minutes from Guilderton, the GDC is a premier science education centre in Western Australia for Physics and Astronomy, and the only centre in Australia with a focus on Gravity and Cosmology. A must visit for all ages.

  • The Solar System Walk is where the size and distances of the planets are to scale will give you an understanding of the vastness of the Universe.
  • The GDC has many cool hands-on science experiments and displays for you to get involved in
  • The Leaning Tower of Gin Gin is an impressive 45 metre tall steel structure, leaning at an angle of 15 degrees, with 222 steps to the top